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Classic Game Room HD reviews BUSHIDO BLADE for Playstation 1 PS1 video game console. Bushido Blade was released in 1997 and was instantly one of my favorite fighting games ever made. Choose from a small selection of characters and an awesome variety of weapons to stab, slash, hack or mash your opponents with. Bushido Blade was respected yet never really achieved popular mass market appeal, games like DOA, Tekken and Samurai Shodown were far more popular... yet Bushido Blade has something they don't. Maybe it's the lack of a health bar, maybe the weapons based combat or maybe it's just the style. This CGRHD review of Bushido Blade has gameplay footage from PS1 showing Bushido Blade being played in vs. mode and in POV (point of view) mode. You could even link two PS1 consoles together and play a friend in POV combat. The storyline is fun, but 2 player vs. combat is what this game is made for. Get 1 second kills or strech the game out all afternoon. Use button combos and three stances to wield an amazing variety of attacks with which to eliminate your enemy. Bushido Blade was developed by Lightweight and published by Squaresoft in 1997. The PS1 game disk can be found relatively easily, although not as cheaply as some other games for Playstation 1. They made a sequel, Bushido Blade 2, but I want an all-new Bushido Blade for PS3 or Xbox 360 with multiplayer. This is one of the finest fighting games ever made, a true departure from the norm and a worthwhile addition to any video gamer collection. Master the samurai style with the action packed Bushido Blade on PS1.

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