Fluke Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

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*******www.aikencolon****/Fluke-IR-Thermal-Imagers_c_578.html SmartView 2.0 features an industry first 3D ...
*******www.aikencolon****/Fluke-IR-Thermal-Imagers_c_578.html SmartView 2.0 features an industry first 3D imaging capability. 3D-IR can make hot spots appear to pop out of the background Examine the image from different perspectives, eliminating false positives View the Fluke IR Fusion visible light image side by side with the infrared image Draw lines across an image to automatically create a graph showing temperatures along that line Optimize and organize thermal images and create professional reports Output reports directly in Microsoft Word and/or PDF formats Customize and create and report templates to meet any job requirement Smartview includes tools for viewing, annotating, editing and analyzing infrared images and create unique reports Smartview upgrades are provided free of charge for the life of all Fluke thermal imagers