Classic Game Room - CHOPLIFTER for Sega Master System [HD]


Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews CHOPLIFTER for Sega Master System from 1985. Originally from Broderbund, Choplifter can be found on just about every video game system and computer platform from back in the day. Pilot your rescue helicopter into combat situation and carry hostages back to safety without being shot down or bombed. This CGRHD review of Choplifter on Sega Master System has gameplay from Choplifter recorded from the Sega SMS showing this side scrolling action retro old school classic video game being played. The music in this version of Choplifter is very good, as are the graphics and gameplay. The cartridge suffers from a lot of flicker but thats really the only problem, Choplifter is a classic arcade style game from the 80s and the Sega Master System maga cartridge has a great version of it. Classic Game Room played the game on a Sega Genesis Model 1 with Power Base Converter. Choplifter and other Sega Master System games are reviewed by Classic Game Room, a Sega Master System reviewer reviewing classic retro gaming from SMS.

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