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Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews STEAMBOT CHRONICLES BATTLE TOURNAMENT for Sony PSP from Irem, published by Atlus. Take command of a Trotmobile and play an adventure game mixed with a battle tournament fighting game where mechs face off in the arena! Steambot Chronicles has some cool concepts and good fighting controls as well as multiplayer mayhem, it lacks a bit of the polish found in many titles but works quite well and has high replay value. You can play with up to four players from one UMD disc, Sony PSP game cartridge thingy. Build, modify and customize your battle robots in Steambot Chronicles, arm them with flamethrowers and guns, swords and saws. Earn money and experience, fight your way through tournaments and get animated chicks to like you. It has RPG elements and you can choose what things you say at times, although I have the feeling the outcome is usually the same. The end result is you bashing other robots into a heap of smoldering metal. This CGRHD review of Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament on PSP has gameplay footage from Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament showing combat, robot modifications and the style of the adventure storyline.

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