Classic Game Room - PEGGLE NIGHTS for PC Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews PEGGLE NIGHTS for PC from PopCap! The uber-addictive puzzle game Peggle Nights is available for PC (and from Steam) and is as much fun as original Peggle. Plinko meets pinball with awesome characters and backgrounds makes Peggle Nights a winner on all accounts. This CGRHD review of Peggle Nights as gameplay from Peggle Nights on PC. CGR has previously reviewed Peggle Dual Shot which includes Peggle Nights, but this version is far clearer and without the "underground" thing. Play as the original 10 characters in Peggle and as Marina, the new character with the electobolt! It's like the Electotool from Time Splitters, dope! CGR has also reviewed the original Peggle on XBLA in HD. Peggle Nights has 60 all new levels, four game modes and bonuses. You can also play against a friend and win awards. It's Peggle, what's not to like? Plays on Windows and Mac. Catch Peggle Fever by playing Peggle Nights on PC, Mac and your laptop. CGRHD new reviews PC games as a PC video game reviewer reviewing PC games like Peggle Nights. From Pop Cap.

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