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Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews PARACHUTE PANIC for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Remeber Sky Diver, Lunar Lander and other classics from Atari 2600 and arcade days from the 70's and 80's? The gameplay of Parachute Panic will look mighty familiar to you then... Parachute Panic! Ahhhhhh! Someone threw me out of a f'n plane into a sea of sharks!!! WTF!? This CGRHD review of Parachute Panic has gameplay footage from Parachute Panic on iPod Touch and iPhone. Use your finger to control the wind around a parachutist / skydiver and guide him safely onto a container ship without being devoured by sharks, blended by helicopters, abducted by aliens or electrocuted. Stick figure animations may come and go but they are simple and fun, you can't argue that. Complete with an analog guitar sountrack instead of techno (although I prefer Techno like Kryzer Prologue) Parachute Panic privides affordable hours of fun classic gaming for fans of this style. Thank you for watching the CGR review of Parachute Panic on iPod, an iPod reviewer reviewing games for iPod, iTouch and iPhone. Parachute Panic is an iPhone iPod app available for download at iTunes.

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