Classic Game Room - DRAGON PANIC for IPod Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews DRAGON PANIC for iPod Touch and iPhone, a video game app made to look like in 8-bit NES game or Sega Master System arcade style video game. Play as one of two dragons and shoot swords, shields, skulls, spears and potions as they rain on you while you are confined to a dungeon full of lava! How old school can you get? It is amazing to Classic Game Room that so much hostility can be thrown towards the iPod when awesome, classic game inspired titles like Dragon Panic are released for less than $2 and kick to much ass with global leader boards and fun gameplay. CGRHD ignores criticism and combats anger with rainbows (and giant robots). Classic Game Room loves these new arcade inspired titles and continues to review iPod apps like Dragon Panic! Distributed by Chillingo, this review has Dragon Panic gameplay footage recorded in High Definition showing the motion controlled game with touch screen firing. Dragon Panic is simple, fun and reminds me of Atari games. Nuff said. It's a winner. The Dragon Panic app for iPod and iPhone touch is available at iTunes for a very affordable download price.

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