Classic Game Room - MAGNIFICENT GIZMOS & GADGETS IPod Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews MAGNIFICENT GIZMOS & GADGETS for the iPod. This puzzle video game app for iPod is similar in scope to Mechanic Master for the Nintendo DS. Assemble gizmos to get your goalon (pink ball) into the red box. This CGRHD review of Gizmos and Gadgets for iPod has gameplay footage from iPod touch of Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets from the app store at Apple iTunes for iPod Tough or iPhone. Watch the game play in HD. Use beams, pipes, wheels and weights to construct magnificent machines the move the pink ball from point a to point b. 44 different levels, quality graphics and gameplay make this video game for iPod a good value for fans of mechanical puzzle games. Classic Game Room reviews iPod app video games as an iPod app video game reviewer reviewing games like Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets from iTunes.

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