Classic Game Room - THE DREADNAUGHT FACTOR for Atari 5200 Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews THE DREADNAUGHT FACTOR for Atari 5200 (and home computers) from 1983. This old school SHMUP and Xevious style game from Activision is a hidden gem in the Atari 5200 lineup of space action games. The CGRHD review of The Dreadnaught Factor has gameplay footage from this vertical scrolling Atari 5200 classic video game where you attack space ships called Dreadnaughts before they can reach your stargate. Fly space ships, shoot turrets and missiles with your laser beams and bomb the crap out of Star Destroyer like space battleships. If you enjoy Xevious or other SHMUPS that scroll spaceships vertically you'll love this game. It is technically solid, fun and kind of unique. I'm not sure I've played a game just like this. If you are a classic retro video gamer looking for something new that you probably missed in the 80's then pick up an Atari 5200 and THE DREADNAUGHT FACTOR! Classic Game Room reviews Atari 5200 video games as an Atari 5200 reviewer reviewing classic Atari 5200 games like The Dreadnaught Factor.

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