Classic Game Room - BIG LEAGUE SPORTS for Wii Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 08, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews BIG LEAGUE SPORTS for Nintendo Wii. Strap on some cleats, don a helmet and tear the living room to shreds with this sports game for the Wii with six different sports. Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball fill Big League Sports with numerous mini-games for kids on Nintendo Wii. Designed for the Wii and published by Activision, this CGRHD Big League Sports review has gameplay footage from this Wii Sports style of video game. It uses the Wiimote and Nunchuk contoller to allow the user to swing things and throw things with perfect timing to earn scores and rack up multiplier combos. Big League Sports may not appeal to real sports fans, but kids should enjoy the variety of mini games in Big League Sports and get hours of enjoyment out of it. Rated E fo' everyone Big League Sports is fun for the whole family. It can also be enjoyed by giant robots, although it doesn't specifically state that on the packaging. I see no reason that giant robots can't enjoy sports as well. If you were to say E for everyone except giant robots that would be different, although the every"ONE" implies "one" as an individual, it does not say every-HUMAN which would eliminate giant robots. Unless that robot was covered in human skin and muscles, in which case it would be a cyborg. That gets complicated because a cyborg is partially human. We'll just assume for this review that Big League Sports can be played by human beings, cyborgs and robots! Hooray!

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