BGS Global Hospital Fraud Katrina Saree Hot [HD]


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*BGS Global Hospital Neurology department Most of the doctors are young and Inexperienced

*They are not competitive enough to save life of a critically ill patients

* Death is compulsory if a brain stroke patient is admitted to stroke ICU of BGS global hospital

*They don't have a effective protocol to save the life of massive brain stroke patient

*Each doctor gives different opinion for the same patient in neurology dept

*They are very good at prolonging the life of a critically ill patient by providing ventilator,nor adrenalyl injection for heart to function , dialysis

*They simply say that the patient is STABLE even though he is near to death

*STROKE ICU is very costliest ICU in ASIA per day its almost more than 25000 RS

*Please don't trust BGS Global Neurology doctors

*If there is a need of surgery please take the openion of minimum 5 doctors and 4 of them says surgery is needed go ahead else think of alternative way

*Please dont think of surgery in BGS global hospital

*BGS Global hospital is costly and not worth to visit this hospital

*BGS Global hospital is mainly to make a profit not for servicing the society

*BGS Global hospital neurology doctors are not good at taking the decisions for surgery

*they do surgery most of the time even if its not required

*Never Ever take brain stroke patients to BGS Global hospital
*BGS Global hospital is very far away from bangalore city

*All the above information is genuine and I wrote above information by heart because I lost my father in BGS Global Hospital Kengeri

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