Classic Game Room - NES ACTION SET Unboxing Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 13, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room reviews the experience unboxing a NES ACTION SET from 1990! The Nintendo Entertainment System was sold in many different versions over many years, the Action Set was a later incarnation of the NES lineup and came packed with a Nintendo toaster system, NES Zapper, two controllers, Nintendo Power magazine advertisement, Nintendo poster and all accessories needed to hook an NES up to a television. The previous CGRHD NES toaster broke, and after replacing the 72 pin connector was still not working properly. We had to finally replace our trusty Nintendo. After searching the Earth for a new NES it was decided that Classic Game Room wanted an original toaster model of the NES because it has a superior video output and that old school Nintendo style. A used Nintendo was found, sold complete with its original box and all add-ons. CGRHD jumped at the chance to unbox an NES and picked it up! This review coveres the packaging and experience unboxing a Nintendo Entertainment System! Enjoy the un box video as an NES is un boxed!

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