Classic Game Room - WHEELMAN for PS3 Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 13, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews Vin Diesel WHEELMAN for Playstation 3 PS3. This CGRHD review of WHEELMAN has gameplay footage from the game, Wheelman on PS3, recorded in high definition. Watch Vin Diesel's character run around Barcelona and airjack Pontiacs and Opels. AIR JACK. That's right, carjacking is now obsolete. It has been replaced by Vin Diesel's AIRJACK move where he springs forth from speeding Smart Cars and pounces on unsuspecting drivers airjacking their punk ass. Dude, you've been airjacked by VIN DIESEL! Rock on! Seriously, that guy can jump! Wheelman is a teen rated game that has a somewhat grand theft auto feel to it but without the explicit sex, violence, gore and mass slaughter. If you like the GTA series and want to try something different give Wheel Man on the PS3 a spin. If you want to laugh at airjacking but it is so outrageous give this game a twirl. If you want to wonder what the heck a Pontiac is doing in Spain give this game a little play. Basically, Wheelman does nothing terribly well except for the fact that it excels at doing nothing terribly well..... but it has AIR JACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's next, Sea Jacking? No... no, they already do that... how about... SPACE JACKING! No... they did that in Alien 4..... hmmmmm..... ah! NOTHING JACKING! The act of jacking something out of nothing! Classic Game Room is the place for reviews of PS3 games like Wheelman because although other places and websites review PS3 games, only Classic Game Room can give you a Classic Game Room review. It even says so on our opening title. We spelled it correctly and everything. Don't make me NOTHINGJACK YOU!

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