Classic Game Room - PEGGLE for Xbox 360 Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 13, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews PEGGLE for XBLA and Xbox 360. This AWESOME game is Plinko meets Pinball meets Blade Runner (watch review to see why). Crush your enemies with Peggle mastery in this amazing old school style arcade game from the fun-masters at Pop Cap. Peggle should appeal to those gamers who love puzzle games and those fun arcade style games on the Atari 2600 and NES. This HD review of PEGGLE has gameplay footage from Peggle on XBLA and Xbox 360, available in the Pop Cap Arcade Volume 2 disc. One or two player action, challenge games and non-stop Peggle action make this an affordable must have for your 360. Peggle is so awesome it can also be played on iPhone and Nintendo DS. Ten different fun characters greet you through the variety of game boards in Peggle. Multiball, pinball flippers, explosive balls (yeah, you heard me) and the FIRE ball keep Peggle interesting and challenging. This is such an awesome game because it's fun and reminds me of arcade games from the 1980's mixed with a Japanese game show. Ode to Joy plays when you clear a level, rainbows flash all of the screen and Peggle has unicorns. FRIGGIN' UNICORNS! Yes, Peggle. Buy it now. Wonder why you didn't buy it 10 minutes ago. You can't live another second without playing Peggle. This CGRHD has high definition gameplay footage from PEGGLE on XBLA Xbox Live Arcade, rad. Earn achievement points in Peggle for doing some pretty challenging things! Watch this CGRHD review to learn how to play Peggle.

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