Classic Game Room - ECHOCHROME for PS3 HOME Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 13, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Watch in High Definition! Free demo version of echochrome in Playstation HOME. Classic Game Room reviews ECHOCHROME for the Playstation 3, a free game available in Playstation Home for PS3. This arcade machine is located in the arcade in the back right of the bowling alley. It is a totally free game downloaded within HOME Beta, takes a few minutes. It is an MC Escher influenced arcade-style old school-style strategy game where you drop tiles in front of your guy and make him go up or down a level while avoiding the baddies. Walk into dimensional warp people called "echoes" to score points. Echochrome is a very simple yet addictive game that should appeal to fans of puzzle games and strategy video games. The best part is that it's totally free, echochrome has 3 levels here and in order to win the echochome outfit within Playstation HOME you have to play for a while and earn a certain score. This CGRHD review of ECHOCHROME has gameplay footage from echochrome in Playstation Home. Learn to unlock outfits, hats and items in Playstation HOME by watching some CGR reviews of HOME beta games like ECHO CHROME.

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