Classic Game Room - HOME (beta) for PS3 Review Part 2

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Part 2 of 2. Watch in HIGH DEFINITION! Classic Game Room HD reviews Playstation HOME for the PS3, Playstati...
Part 2 of 2. Watch in HIGH DEFINITION! Classic Game Room HD reviews Playstation HOME for the PS3, Playstation 3 Network. This free BETA version of Home allows you to create a Playstation avatar and rearrange furniture in your apartment. This CGRHD Playstation 3 Home review has gameplay footage of Home, which is like Second Life except without the ability to really do anything... although I haven't played Second Life, since I'm usually busy living my first life. And playing video games. Anyway, Home is a like a 2nd life that you can lead and run around the center square courtyard area, meet other Playstation gamers from around the world, dance, insult people, play mini-games, go bowling, shop, use flamethrowers (just kidding), watch game and Sony-owned movie trailers and basically interact with the PS3 community. Where is trophy support? Where are the commands like jump, punch, kick and steal cars? Home shows great promise, and it's a free Beta so you can't fault them for it not being perfect. Classic Game Room loves, no LOVES the bowling alley in Home and the arcade games in there. CGRHD strikes up conversations with a few people around the globe, annoys the crap out of others and is a general, all around nuisanse. But CGRHD specializes in being obnoxious because it makes for better video game reviews, and this review of Home for the Playstation Network should be fairly entertaining. Classic Game Room is a Playstation 3 Network reviewer reviewing games on PS3 and Xbox 360 and Colecovision. Watch Classic Game Room cause problems and bring HOME to its knees... well, not really. But if we could we would. I'd like my avatar to be Godzilla, is that too much to ask?