Classic Game Room - BLUE DRAGON PLUS for Nintendo DS Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 14, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Watch in HD. Classic Game Room reviews BLUE DRAGON PLUS for the Nintendo DS handheld video game system. Blue Dragon Plus, from Ignition, is a RPG role playing game with real time strategy gaming elements mixed in. This Blue Dragon Plus review has gameplay footage from Blue Dragon Plus in high definition shot from a Nintendo DS. If you like games like Final Fantasy tactics and Final Fantasy III, IV and FFVII, Front Mission 3 through 5 and other turn based strategy video games on PS1, PS2 or SNES then you may enjoy this take on the strategy game genre. Mixed with excellent anime style cutscenes, Blue Dragon Plus gets good reviews from CGRHD for its music, graphical presentation and creative style. Gameplay takes a bit of getting used to because it is played with the D-Pad and the stylus, but once you complete the tutorial showing how to play Blue Dragon Plus, you should be up to speed to command your team of characters and fight through the storyline. For Nintendo DS reviews check out Classic Game Room, a Nintendo DS reviewer reviewing Nintendo DS games like Blue Dragon Plus. This is a sequel, there are other Blue Dragon video games for Xbox 360 and animated cartoons, Blue Dragon anime, etc...

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