Prostate Gland Calcification Treatment - Medicardium


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Medicardium Kill virus, clear stasis, expel toxin, recover the normal function of prostate gland, reconstruct the immune system of this gland.
Improve the permeability of capsula prostatica, bring the effective element into prostate gland hrtbto kill pathogenic bacteria, eliminate the congestion and hematomas of both posterior urathra and prostate gland, dispel the blockage within glandular tube, make the circulation within the gland easy and smooth, facilitate the discharge of purulent secretion, metabolin, toxinum, obstruct the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)--- a material who brings about the hyperplasia--- and then restrain or reverse the process of hyperplasia of prostate gland, cause damage directly to telomerase of gland cell, suppress the cell division and growth, induce the cell of hyperplasia take the path towards apoptosis. When such characteristic function be carried out step by step for sometime, the hyperplastic tissue can be withered gradually and prostate gland can retract to assume former state, ridding of the urination barrier.If you have Candida, Bacteria, fungus issues.

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