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Part 2 of Interview with Iowa Blues guitar player Bob Pace.

Here's the part 2 of the interview by Mike Law of Lawman Guitars with his special guest, Legendary Blues Guitarist Bob Pace. In this part of the interview, Bob is sharing about his current Album “Bob Pace Live at the Blues on Grand.” Also, he shares that he writes his own songs and how he gets the ideas for his music. Do you know what his favorite song is? You will hear it in this part of the interview.

Bob talks about what guitars he says are the best and also the unique way he has of “mixing things up” with his instruments. He will also share his wisdom on amps, guitar pick ups, guitar necks, pedals, and much more.
Bob shares what amplifier is best for the rhythm guitar sound you are looking for. Which one to use for a “crunch” sound, what he uses for Lead Guitar, etc. Who is Bob favorite guitar player? What is his favorite pedal? You’ll find out here!

Soulful guitarist Bob Pace has been revving up Iowa blues fans for more than thirty years-and held down the Tuesday night slot at Des Moines’ legendary Blues on Grand for roughly twenty years. His talent and compelling songwriting won the Iowa Blues Challenge duo competition with Iowa Blues Hall of Fame vocalist Steve George.

Bob Pace is a member of the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. For more information on this astounding guitar player, check out (http://bobpaceband.com/)

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