Classic Game Room - BIOSHOCK Review Part 1

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Published 15 Aug 2012
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Part 1. Classic Game Room HD reviews the amazing BIOSHOCK. This version of the game is for the Xbox 360. Th...
Part 1. Classic Game Room HD reviews the amazing BIOSHOCK. This version of the game is for the Xbox 360. This review should also cover the Playstation 3 PS3 release, so this video should excite everyone about Bioshock by reviewing the game, audio and amazing adventure contained within. PS3, PC or Xbox 360, Bioshock is awesome! Bioshock is a first person shooter style FPS game that sinks your character into an amazing underwater city called Rapture. Who are you, why are you there, what's up with this messed up place and how do I get out?? All things you'll learn in Bioshock. Classic Game Room reviews Bioshock with a close attention to detail because Bioshock has an amazing attention to detail. The music is stunning, the graphics thrust you into a crumbling 1930's era art deco environment and the voice acting is top notch... not to mention the awesome story and incredible gameplay. You wield a variety of weapons like pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers and crossbows in Bioshock, but it is not a standard first person shooter like Halo 3 or Resistance Fall of Man. Bioshock vs those other games is not the same, Bioshock on Xbox or PS3 is an experience wrapped around a FPS (presumably, we haven't played the PS3 version but imagine it to be similar to the 360). Do you want to learn how to defeat and beat Big Daddy's, save the little sisters and bring down Andrew Ryan? This isn't a walkthrough or playalong with Bioshock, this is a review, but shold give you an idea of the gameplay and how to play the game and why you should run out and immediately buy Bioshock. Released in 2007 and available for PS3 in 2008. This is one shooter you don't want to miss. We certainly hope they will make a sequel to Bioshock. Visit the city of Rapture and while you're there.... stay a while.
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