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David D'or is blessed with a beautiful and unique voice, using his 4 octaves range; he reaches the high notes of a contra-tenor and dropping to the depths of a baritone.
Both at home and abroad, audience and critics alike regard David D'or as one of the leading Israeli musicians of his generation. Reviews from newspapers, including The Washington Post, The Beijing Daily newspaper, the Italian La Republica, the BBC News UK, together with Israel's major newspapers (Yediot Aharonot and Ma’ariv) declared David D'or as one of the best vocalists in the world.

In June 2010 the Italian government named him in the prestigious Order of the Arts and Letters.
David D'or is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and a chosen artist of Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation. A winner of 10 Gold and Platinum albums, David is writing and composing most of his songs. In his own special style, he harmoniously integrates elements of classical, Jewish and world music into his albums. His music led him to perform in the presence of many leaders all over the world. Among them The Pope Johannes Paulus II, the Pope Benedictus XVI, President Bill Clinton, the king of Thailand the king of Sweden, the Italian president Napolitano, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Israeli president Shimon Peres and more.

David D'or classical background enabled him to perform with many great philharmonic and symphonic orchestras such as the Moscow Philharmonic, Beijing Philharmonic, Shanghai philharmonic, Belgrade philharmonic, the Polish philharmonic, Sofia philharmonic, the Las Vegas philharmonic, the Rome philharmonic, the Budapest philharmonic, the Latvia Symphonic Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony and the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra.

David was also invited by Maestro Zubin Mehta to perform with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, a cooperation which resulted in a very successful album and several concerts.

Currently David is working with the Chinese and Taiwanese markets, accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra David will sing a collection of some of the world greatest classical hits.

In February 2011 David was invited by the Beijing T.V. to perform in their major show for the Chinese new year celebrations, May 2011 David had a musical tour in Finland , June 2011 David had 7 concerts in South America (Brazil Panama ,Guatemala, Mexico ,Chile, Argentina and Colombia).

September 2011 David was invited to the memorial ceremony at the United Nations in New York together with the New York Symphony to perform the ‘Hallelu’ – a symphony he created jointly with David Eaton, the director of the N.Y. Symphony.

By his root searching, David discovered and uncovered a unique musically treasure which led back to the chanting of the Holy Temple, creating an extra ordinary show, and has been invited to perform this show at world music festivals all over the world. In the series of WOMAD festivals, D’or received some of the most praising reviews ever;
“David D’or from Israel set Jewish prayers to music, his powerful voice calling out to people around the site, and the crowd dancing en masse to the Jewish folk songs” – BBC News, UK

“One of the highlights of WOMAD… a discovery… the best vocal performance I heard at WOMAD this year” – Andy McGregor, BBC Radio 3

June 2010 an outstanding concert of David D’or, In Caesarea Amphitheater with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra housing the international bank from France: The Gypsy Kings,

December 2010 – David performed at the Kremlin, Moscow.

Some of David’s most memorable concerts took place in:
London at Trafalgar Square in from of an audience of 55,000 cheering people,
Sweden, a concert for King Carl and Queen Sylvia, India, Morocco, Turkey, USA,(Washington D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and more), Italy, Russia, The Vatican, Serbia, Romania, Taiwan, Singapore, China, France (In from of an Audience of 40,000 people), Australia, in front of an audience of 70,000 people, and New Zealand.

In May 2010 David was invited to perform in Shanghai, China, with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in EXPO 2010. David was chosen by the STV art channel as one of the most outstanding artists ever performed at EXPO in the 100 days celebration; “With his unique and magical voice, David D’or took the world audience by storm” (May 6, 2010)

July 2008-09 David released a new musical project “Songs of the Many” – two world music albums that became a Platinum in a matter of a few days, was invited to the most popular world music festival WOMAD, directed by Peter Gabriel. The show was a great success and David was invited to perform all over the world as a result.

May 2007 – “Hallelu” ; David D’or and Maestro David Eaton wrote and composed together a new symphony performed in Belgrade with the Belgrade Symphony Orchestra of 150 musicians and a big choir, conducted by David Eaton – of the New York City Symphony Orchestra. Solo singers: David D’or and Seiko Lee (Soprano) from Japan. The concert and ‘Hallelu’ received amazing reviews, and was transmitted at prime time on the Belgrade TV.

October 2006 – David joined the humanitarian organization “Tzu CHI” based in Taiwan, and since then has performed in many benefit concerts for this organization, raising money to help victims of world disasters, including 10 concerts after the Sichuan earth quake in China, where more than 15 million dollars were collected to help the suffering region of Sichuan

December 2006 David was invited by the monarchy of Taiwan to perform at the celebration of 60 years reign of the King, and once again the performance received enthusiastic write-ups.

In 2005, the release of the albom “Kmo HaRuach” (Like the Wind), created with other well known Israeli artists such as Arik Einstein, Arcadi Duchin, Shlomi Shabbat and Ehud Banai.

2004 David represented Israel at the Eurovision contest with his song “Le Ha’Amin (To Believe), that same year David was again invited by Maestro Zubin Mehta to perform “Stabat Mater” (by Pergolesi) with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

2003, David had a solo concert with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert was a phenomenal success and led to many performances with different orchestras all over the world. The concert was recorded and the album “David D’or and the Philharmonic” was released and earned a Platinum award.

2002 David won the title “The Israeli Singer of the Year”

2001 the release of the album “Ba Neshama” (Within the Soul) which included the hit song “Kol Ha’Kochavim” (All The Stars) and won him the title ‘The best Israeli performer and the best Israeli song of the year’.

2000 David is performing with the legendary musical producer of the Beatles, Sir George Martin, and the Israeli Philharmonic. In the same year David is invited to perform at the popular Jewish Festival in Budapest, and since performed several times at this festival. David also performed at the Jewish Festivals of Krakow, Warsaw and an unforgettable concert in Bialystok with the local philharmonic orchestra.

In 1977 David and Eti Ankri release a duet album, which received a platinum award and let to a series of local and international concerts tour for more then three years. On the same year the Raanana Symphony Orchestra requested a work written for David by the famous Israeli composer Josef Bardanashvili. The piece was called “Yaldei Ha'Elohim” (The Children of God).

1995 A world music album was released together with the band “Ha'Brera Ha'Tivit” (The Natural Choice”) and Shlomo Bar called “David & Shlomo”. The album certified platinum within a few days and was described by the musical critics as one of the most important Israeli albums of all times.

1994 D'Or was invited by the Pope John Paul II to perform in the Vatican. The concert was broadcast worldwide and received enthusiastic reviews. In this event, David composed a song especially for the Pope's 20 years of service celebration. The performance took place at the Piazza San Petro.

1992 David's second album “Begova Mishtaneh” (Changing Altitude) released, and included the song “Tishmor al Ha'Olam Yeled” (Save the World my Child) which became an inalienable asset for Israeli music and earned him a platinum album.

1991 David’s first album was released. The album received raving reviews and was awarded a Gold album. That year David was also invited by Maestro Zubin Mehta to perform for the first time with the Israeli Philharmonic.

1987-1990 – D’or’s musical career began during his military service as a member of the military performing troup “Ha’Lahaka Ha’Zvait”. After his military service David played in numerous roles at the national theater Habima, simultaneously studying at the Academy of Music in Jerusalem. David played in numerous Theatrical shows such as “The Blood Wedding” (Lorca) - directed by Chanan Snir, “Cabaret” - directed by Jerome Savory, “Tartuffe” – directed by Robert Strua, “Cry My Beloved Country”. With the outstanding music of Kurt Vile,

The national daily newspaper Ma’Ariv; “D’or’s outstanding voice is meant for great parts. His voice and presence embrace the audience, who show their appreciation by lengthy applause”.

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