New Diablo 3 Bot DOWNLOAD NOW [HD]


Uploaded on August 16, 2012 by Diablo3Soft


Update 09/08/2012 (Checked it on new patch Working Fine)

New Updated BOT Version of the MaxDiablo bot for Diablo III.

This bot is very easy to use and undetectable. It only uses mouse movement and color guides to determine its next step, it doesnt interfere with d3 memory at all so this will always be safe to use. It also has a file-name randomizer so warden will not be able to check for processes for the bot..

He will be able to do everything in the game:
farm monsters, do quests, find rare mobs, do bossruns,Collect items ,use heals and mana pots and much much more ...

At the end of the video my hdd was nearly full so i had to stop recording.
But get it and i am 100% sure you will be satisfied And dont forget to comment share subscribe and like my video.

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