Cell Phone Warning Label and How to Protect Yourself


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We've listened to scientists and researchers, activists from far and near, doctors on both sides, industry, legislators and the public, and scanned manuals and the brochure presented by Dr. Dora Mills.

Now it's time to turn to what is just and helpful for Maine people. We understand that several committee members would like to do something to help mitigate the possible risk of cellphone emissions, especially to our young people, but are uncomfortable with the focus on brain cancer and the graphic of the child's brain.

Here's what we have:

The safety of cellphones cannot be guaranteed;

Cellphones have not been proven safe;

There is doubt about cellphone safety;

There are substantial Independent scientific studies that link cellphone use to health risks, including brain cancer, reproductive health, and mental function;

Cellphone use may be harmful to your health;

Children and teens are most at risk; (see brochure Dr. Dora Mills provided with her testimony, "Children and young people under 16"

Manufacturers have the responsibility for assuring their products are safe (the basis for our consumer product safety laws; the reason why Toyota is under scrutiny at congressional hearings);

Other policy bodies in other countries have taken action;

The federal government has not acted to protect us;
We have the obligation, as state legislators, to look out for our people;
People are intelligent and have the right to know;
Cellphones should not be held against the head or body;
Best practice is to keep away from the head and body;
People should make informed choices.


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