Classic Game Room - CRUIS'N USA for Nintendo 64, Cruisin!


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Classic Game Room reviews CRUIS'N USA for the Nintendo 64 N64 video game console. How do you misspell Cruising? Cruisin, Cruis'n, Cruisin', Croosin, Caroosaling? Regardless this is a driving game from Midway and Nintendo that is like the video game car version of Saved by the Bell. Drive a variety of cars in this arcade style racer like a Ferrari or Corvette Stingray styled racer. The most memorable feature of this game is the music which is.... AWESOME. Mixing porn music with moans and bad techno is a winning combination for this game on the N64. If you're looking for N64 reviews and an N64 reviewer Classic Game Room is the place to be at to be wit' da homies watchin da' reviewz 'bout Cruis'n USA. Drive like a maniac across the United States in the cross-country style truck stop, bowling alley arcade racing game. Girls dance in mini skirts, undress you with their eyes and promise lap dances if you win. Watch footage of girls shakin it with an awesome fake trophy in their hands. CRUZIN. Heck yeah. Classic Game Room is funkier than a plastic tub full of fried chicken an onions. Repeat, this game has awesome music, or by awesome we mean awful music, the worst video game music ever made, which makes it RADICAL AWESOME to the Maxx!

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