Classic Game Room - DEFENDER for Playstation PS1 Review


Uploaded on August 17, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews DEFENDER (again!), this time for the Playstation 1 video game console, or PSX, PSone, PS1, etc.... This is from the Williams Greatest Arcade Hits collection which also includes arcade emulated copies of Robotron 2084, Joust, Sinistar, Bubbles and Defender 1 and 2!! Digital Eclipse was involved with this version (you should know them from the Xbox Live Arcade games on XBLA). Defender was released in 1980 in the arcades and is regarded as one of the best horizontal scrolling space ship shooters ever created. Designed by Eugene Jarvis, Defender pits you and your spaceship against countless enemy foes, landers, swarmers and pods who are kidnapping humans and turning them into mutants. If you want to play Defender but don't have an arcade stand up machine this may be the best and most affordable way to do so, as soon in this CGRHD review! Classic Game Room reviews the best in new and retro video games. If you like retro gaming reviews and old school video game reviews and reviewing then you'll love the journalistic integrity and itchy SHMUP loving trigger finger of Classic Game Room... sucka! Coin-op classic Defender review, right here!

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