Classic Game Room - ASTRO WARRIOR for Sega Master System [HD]


Uploaded on August 17, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews ASTRO WARRIOR for the Sega Master System video game console! This vertical scroller SHMUP from Sega is an awesome game that comes on the same cartridge for Hang On. How can you live without that? Shoot enemies that you must "surely revive" and watch them explode into fireballs in space which is of course silly because there could be no fireball without oxygen and space is devoid of oxygen except in the situation that the enemies have oxygen in their space craft and if your lasers blow up the space craft that oxygen could momentarily support an explosion in space until it dissipates. Either way, it definately wouldn't make a sound. That's fiction. The rest of Astro Warrior is fact! Maybe not. It is a fact that if you like Xevious, Raiden, Fireshark, Truxton or Radiant Silvergun that you'll love Astro Warrior. As far as SHMUPS go this isn't anything groundbreaking, but it is insanely fun and addictive and challenging after the first few levels. This is part 1 of a 2 part review and us old timers can remember the McD (clap clap) LT reference. Classic Game Room is the ultimate retro review show on YouTube. All others are wanna be posers who aspire to be ALF. That's a joke. Or is it? CGR bitches! Old School game reviews for those smarter than microbes. As we prepare for Nintendo week here's another dose of Sega Master System reviews!

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