Classic Game Room Reviews PERFECT DARK for N64 Nintendo [HD]


Uploaded on August 17, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews PERFECT DARK for the N64, Nintendo 64 video game console. This first person shooter was released in 2000 with a loud and sexy ad campaign that you couldn't miss if you tried. The Classic Game Room team, Mark and Dave, reviewed the game when it was brand new in 2000 and gave their objective, journalistic, inane opinions on the first person shooter video game. You play as a hottie with machine guns in the future and blow up a bunch of stuff. There you go. The CGR team was not known to be huge fans of the Nintendo 64 so how does this game meet their expectations? Is it another 007 Goldeneye or is it rubbish to be thrown out with the trash? The Perfect Dark franchise has continued. Video games that star chicks in tight clothes and body armor carrying machine guns and hand grenades never seems to get old. Perfect Dark Zero is a recent sequel, although Classic Game Room has not played it yet. Here's a blast from the past about a game that takes place in the future. Original Classic Game Room video game reviews, sucka! This review is also available on the Classic Game Room DVD.

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