Classic Game Room - COLIN McRAE RALLY for Playstation Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 17, 2012 by Classic Game Room

The ORIGINAL Classic Game Room reviews COLIN McRAE RALLY for the Playstation 1 video game console in the year 2000. That's right, 2000! Back before the world collapsed into the heaping mess of molten disaster that is now. Back in 2K we had hope. Hope that driving games on the PS1 would be awesome, and Colin McRae Rally delivered that hope with power sliding, rally drifting, jump jumping rally car racing action! This was a great racing game back in the day and remains great to this day. Fun driving, cool cars and all around great video gaming. Colin McRae Rally did not upset the original Classic Game Room team. So check it out! This ain't no Gran Turismo 2-tacked on rally racing mode, this is an ENTIRE game devoted to PsOne style rally course race simulation driving! Sadly, Colin McRae died in 2007, 7 years after we recorded this review.

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