Classic Game Room Interviews STELLA the VIDEO GAME DOG


Uploaded on August 17, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room interviews STELLA the Classic Game Room video game dog, our official mascot. She's a 3 year old German shepherd/chow chow mixed breed adopted from the humane society. Stella sheds like a woolie mammoth or Chewbacca. She's a cute dog and one of the cutest dogs in the whole wide world. I think that she is the most cutest puppy ever, even cuter than those Japanese welsh corgy videos of cute puppies climbing out of shoes and nursing kittens. Japan WISHES they had a dog like this, but they don't! Take your corgies somewhere else fools! Even if your corgi has one billion hits on youtube, my dog is cuter and she knows it. She's got her own show. She reviews video games. She is a professional, respected and trusted video game reviews. What does your corgie do? Does it just sit there and use up oxygen looking cute? Yeah? Well that's lame, Stella is more awesome than your dog. She knows tricks like sit and down. She can eat cookies. She barks. Sheep and cows and human babies are not as cute as Stella the official mascot of the Classic Game Room video game review show. Word!

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