Risen 2 Dark Waters Treasure Isle DLC


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Today With this video guide will show you how to get Risen 2 Dark Waters Treasure Isle DLC for free on Xbox 360 game and PS3 game. This is rare exclusive downloadable Risen 2 Dark Waters Treasure Isle DLC to get it for free on your hand. Visit following blog and get more information about this;

When you got your Risen 2 Dark Waters Treasure Isle DLC code, visit your game Marketplace (For Xbox Use Visit Xbox Live - For PS3 Users Visit PSN) and redeem the code. After that you will able to get Treasure Isle DLC for free on Risen 2 Dark Waters Game.. Any more questions, you can send us a comment about it via web site. Thank you and enjoy the game.
With an expanded setting, a fresh story and characters as well as an all-new technical foundation, Risen 2 expands on the success of this popular RPG franchise. Set several years after the end of Risen, the game drops players into a cataclysmic world where raging titans have devastated the planet and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures have risen from the watery depths of the sea and their attacks have brought all seafaring to a grinding halt. The hero, now a member of the Inquisition, is sent out to find out how to stop the chaos caused by these creatures from the deep. His quest begins with rumors that the pirates who frequent the southern islands are the only ones who know a way to get rid of the creatures once and for all and end their reign of terror.

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