Reward - Official HD Trailer 2012 Gospel Drama Action Movie [HD]


Uploaded on August 25, 2012 by RewardtheMovie

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Release Date: 30 November 2012
Genre: Gospel Drama
Cast: Jason Paden, Ebenezer Kokie, Sylvie Tshimanja, Isaac Ivbaze
Director: Evangelist Isaac Ivbaze
Writer: Evangelist Isaac Ivbaze
Studio: Christ Consulate for the World Ministry

Pastor William is a charismatic prosperity preacher who lives in a 4million dollar home, with a flamboyant lifestyle. He is a friend of a very wealthy man Mr Cooper, who is also a member of his church. They are full of deception, crookedness, and immorality. In another event, Isabella is a woman of faith. In spite of her sudden loss of job, she remains faithful and commited to Christ. Can there really be a reward based on the way we live our lives on this earth or beyond, Is there life after death? Watch what happens to Isabella, Pastor William, and Mr. Cooper in this hot intriguing gospel movie, Reward.

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