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Are you running around searching for a ladder, stool, bench, support or scaffold on a weekend, while attending to pending chores at home? Or simply trying to reach the ceiling to fix a light fitting? Or trying to paint your house, DIY style? Living in your own independent house or apartment, you may find yourself in situations like these where you feel a desperate need for support, literally!

Space constraints can force you to own nothing of these supports or barely one or two, at best. What will you do? Call a professional and spend repeatedly? No need.

Technology comes to your rescue. The SUPER LADDER marketed by www.tbuy.in is much more than a mere ladder! In fact it is an indispensable tool for every home. It will be extremely helpful in apartments where common chores can demand a variety of supporting gadgets.

Made of superior aluminum similar to what’s used in aircraft industry, SUPER LADDER is light in weight but very strong and durable. The forming, rivetting and folding are all done with high technology machines while the click-lock mechanism employed at the joints are professional grade to ensure safety and long life. The non-slip hard rubber feet resists ladder movement/slip while using.

The highly configurable tbuy SUPER LADDER can be used in 8 different positions for different uses. A Single (and Double) Stepladder, a Step Ladder, a Stand-off Ladder, a Stairway Work Platform, a Stairway Climber, a Scaffold Position all come to your help when in need and the highly compact Storage Position allows you to store it inconspicuously in a corner.Multiple needs, one solution. Go for it, and you’ll love it.

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