Seisend.six Ft. Ay Wing - From Here To There (Official Music Video)

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Download Track on iTunes: ******* Follow on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/seisendsixmusic ...
Download Track on iTunes: ******* Follow on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/seisendsixmusic Follow on Twitter: *******twitter****/seisendsix Listen on Spotify: *******open.spotify****/track/3ptjI6zMiPMMlrwYJN4TJ7 Download Album on iTunes: ******* Official Website: *******www.seisendsix**** SoundCloud: *******soundcloud****/seisend-six Song Link: *******soundcloud****/seisend-six/from-here-to-there-ft-ay-wing Amazon: ******* YouTube: ***********/seisendsixmusic Vimeo: ********vimeo****/user7566570 Songkick: *******www.songkick****/artists/4922898-seisendsix/ LastFM: ******* Tumblr: *******seisendsix.tumblr****/ Spotify: *******open.spotify****/artist/1EX20FFUczb3nvRzMkbGRC Bandcamp: *******seisendsix.bandcamp****/ Myspace: *******www.myspace****/theseisendsix BUY CD ALBUM : *******seisendsix.bandcamp****/ BUY DIGITAL ALBUM: *******seisendsix.bandcamp****/ BUY ON AMAZON: ******* Song and Video produced by seisend.six Artist: seisend.six featuring Ay Wing copyright 2012 by seisend.six and Ay Wing All Rights reserved seisend.six is a design by raphael bösch Go to *******www.seisendsix**** for more information Download English Presskit: *******seisendsix****/ Download German Presskit: *******seisendsix****/ LYRICS: VERSE 1 I'm mesmerized you're in control See all the beauty That's coursing through me I was lying inside myself for hours and hours Now I'm diving into my fantasyworld CHORUS so take me away, from here to there take me away, from here to there VERSE 2 You see the nighthawks Making their way back home In the wake up when the sun is shining through And I live because I love to There's so much to see So much I wanna do CHORUS so take me away, from here to there take me away, from here to there VERSE 3 Smile at everyone And infect them with happiness Maybe then Their frozen faces would go go go CHORUS so take me away, from here to there take me away, from here to there Beautiful Ay Wing is dancing and singing in the fields on a mountain about you taking her from here to there. Watching sunset, seeing trees, listening to the relaxing music, beautiful music video with beautiful girl. hand in hand, loving each other, lying in the gras, lying in the fields, smell of nature, enjoying the fields, Blond curly hair, blue shiny eyes, natural face, natural girl, beautiful makro shots, great depth of field shots, super smooth camera, Canon 5D mark II, Final Cut Pro X multicam music video, Canon 1.8 50mm, Small HD DP6, enjoying the sun, enjoying amazing music, amazing girl dancing, watching the sky, mountain view, swiss mountains, swiss production, SX production, looking down to the sea, an amazing lake view, beautiful surroundings and people, gras fields, zugerberg, zugersee, schweizer musik video, sensei six, seisendsendsix, season six, sei send and six, seisand six, yawing, Alexandra Landtwing, love music, filming in the woods, nice trees, old tree, atmospheric sounds, atmospheric surroundings, atmospheric sky, awesome views, beautiful nature, lovely girl singing, sun on the horizon, best sunset, sunset music, on the horizon, sounds like coldplay, sounds like linkin park, sounds like massive attack, sounds like blur, chillout sounds, chillout groove, seisendsix into the dark, raphael boesch, live hd, hd, 1080p, official music video by seisendsix, lovemaking music, sexmusic, sounds like the xx, sounds like paul kalkbrenner, instrumental music, Logic Pro 10, fatherknowsbestmusic productions, RHB