SoundMonsters - Supersound


Uploaded on September 07, 2012 by rus9f134bu // Album out: 19th Oct. 2012 "Supersound" is the first single release from "Winner Of The Year" and probably by far the easiest and most wonderfully innocent song on the record. A child's summer, which tempts you to get together with a few friends in a too-small car, to spend a day at the seaside, turning a blind eye to the world and including a few spaceships. Had Phoenix, Kings Of Convenience, Jürgen Paape and Zoot Woman started a collaboration, perhaps Supersound would have been the result. But the SoundMonsters do it all on their own. Unobtrusive chimes gently carry us through the entire song and touch our hearts with a large portion of serenity. Later, you'll find that you can't get this tune out of your head. Just like the memory of a beautiful summer day. The Supersound visuals were created by video producer Thomas Schmidt (Tocotronic, Fettes Brot, Lena). He captures the Deconstructed Reality of the SoundMonsters perfectly and probably brings them closer to the Forced Realists: Dancing aliens and pink unicorns in wonderfully colorful collage-style re-arrange our synapses and give our rusty imaginations a gentle nudge. As usual, there are several successful remixes of artists such as Powel, AB Syndrom, Camarada Vasco & Nico de Vries (Kiez Beats) and Tiasz. Strident, delightful, multifarious but never trashy. Go with the flow! And if sometime soon you meet a sheep on the street and it invites you to a dance and afternoon tea: don't be surprised, just do it! We've really had enough of reality.

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