Corridor VFX / Action Compilation [HD]


Uploaded on September 13, 2012 by Corridor Digital

A collection of work from 2009. Selections include:

Dark Island (2009)
Greenside (2009)
Mini Action Movie (2009)
Zero Trooper-F (2008)


Deadline (2009)
Surfer Poll Awards (2009)
Stampead - Don't Tease The Lion (2009)
HateTimesNine - In Darkness (2009)

Music: Benzos - Hurt Everybody. RIP!

We are currently looking to work with other artists in the Los Angeles area! Feel free to get in touch with us at or 323.638.9404

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    Paper Cuts (Brush With Death 2) 02:50

    Paper Cuts (Brush With Death 2)

    by Corridor Digital (5/26/15) 6,865 views

    Help us make original videos! Download the music, free! Once again we return to the world of shifting perspectives, art demons, and the one man who keeps trying to clean it all up. Don't let them grab you, or they'll turn you into paper! Check out how we made the video on our 2nd channel! Sam and Niko are on instagram! Niko: @nikodig Sam: @mechaforce Obligatory twitter and facebook linkage:

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    The Order 1986 02:21

    The Order 1986

    by Corridor Digital (2/4/15) 14,630 views

    Learn more about The Order 1886: Download the song! song was produced by Max Gorelick, Jordan Seah, and Matt Newman Max Gorelick: Jordan Seah: Song written by Max & Jake Watson, with some help from Ben. Vocals by Ben Robson:

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