Table Saw Kickback Demonstration

By: Heeper


Uploaded on November 09, 2007 by Heeper

This board traveled 108 MPH.
Have you ever wanted to see a live tablesaw kickback? It happens when the material being cut binds on the back part of the blade. This video was made to teach the concept and to help woodworkers have a better understand of how a kickback happens. Please do not try this at home. People have encountered serious injuries from tablesaw kickback. This kickback happened because of 3 errors by the operator. 1. The board was let go during the cut. 2. The board was pushed slightly away from the fence during the cut. 3. The safety features of the saw were removed (splitter and anti-kickback fingures). Kickback also occurs when the ripfence is used to crosscut. It can happen when the miter gauge and rip fence are used together or when the scrap material connects with the spinning blade.

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