Toxic Heavy Metals (Medicardium) Toxic Heavy Metals


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It is common knowledge that 80% to 90% of most chronic health conditions are triggered by toxins. Toxins are carcinogens which cause damage to our DNA, and brain function, cause cells to divide faster than their normal rate, thus causing all kinds of cancer, as well as neurological disorders and so forth.

We’ve highlighted important facts for those who want to understand how toxins create most chronic health conditions and then we show how to successfully remove the toxic overload on the body. Although most of us have taken in a fair amount of toxins throughout our lives, many, many people are making new choices to clean their bodies from the inside out.

We hope you feel empowered, optimistic and that you have enough information to bring your body back into balance. The assistance needed to remove toxins and an acidic condition is offered here. We have been through this process of cleansing, nourishing and rebuilding, so we know it is possible for you.

Before we discuss how to remove pathogens from the body and how to limit our exposure, I’d like to briefly cover where toxins come from, since most people are not able to grasp how this applies to them, how it contributed to their chronic health issues or why they do not “feel good.”

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