What to Do if Muhammad the Prophet Pbuh Be Insulted-DrZakir Naik


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Dear Muslim and Non-Muslim brothers. You all have been noticed about the mockery film of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) "Innocence of Muslims". I request the Muslim brothers to keep patience and react like how our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to react like. Don’t react like how the Jews want you to react like. Jews want to provoke the Muslims for a riot and flash you as terrorists in front of the media and non-Muslims all over the world. But please do not be trapped by the Jew’s tricks. It’s almost the same trick like they created in 9/11. I hope you all remember the inside job of 9/11 by the plan of Jewish leaders and Mossads (Intelligence Agency of Israel) in USA and using the US Government to fight against Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries for the sake of flashing Muslims as terrorists. Muslims became terrorists for an occurrence which they really are not reliable of in 9/11 (It is now an open secret, that Muslims are not reliable for the 9/11). Anyways, Jews became successful by the 9/11 drama already by keeping gun on the shoulder of the US government.

Now they need new issues to attack Iran and other friendly Muslim countries. (Actually Jews believe in the word of Holy Quran as like Muslims believe, but they deny publicly those as like Satan’s. If you want to know why they behave like this please try to discuss with any Muslim scholar present nearby you. This reason is very interesting and very logical which sequentially came from the ancient periods.) So, they need a riot by provoking Muslims. Jews won’t come alone or directly to provoke Muslims, they will use US obviously (You know at present they are powerful in the world). Just have a look in the administrative structure of the US Government. Jews are spread all over the US administration. US people or Govt. have became depended on them. But look at the history, Jews are actually immigrant to US. They did not have their own land. They were sheltered by Palestine govt. After few years later they are now occupying the land of Palestinians. (This is like a story, giving shelter of a homeless boy. Now the boy kicks out the house owner from the house after having a powerful master. Here the master is US…LOL)

Few months ago, so called US pastor Terry Jones wanted to provoke Muslims by declaring 9/11 as a Quran burning day and he wanted to use the US media for this. But by the grace of Almighty God, he failed to convince the US media. He proved himself as a dumb by declaring this foolish mission where his only goal was to provoke Muslims and create a riot. Who is this so called PASTOR Terry Jones? He actually grew up in a very low class family. Most of the period of his life was passed with criminals. He lived long time in Germany. While staying there he grew a good relation with the Mossads. From the reference of some newspapers, he was trained by C.I.A. He is not a Pastor. He used this ‘Pastor’ designation to capture the sight of the US media.

Recently another Jewish conspiracy has been revealed by the newly made film “Innocence of Muslims”. The creator of the film SAM BACILA an Israeli U.S. He said, he needed 5 million dollars to create the movie and he took money from 100 Jewish donors. However, whether or not the person's real name was SAM BACILA, the organizations expressed doubts about the message. The movie contains some documents in order to retrieve it in time; the creator of the film was SAM BACILA and the director ALAN ROBERTS. However, STEVEN KLEIN was the film adviser and spokesman. KLEIN admitted that, he suggested SAM BACILA to escape after the movie is made. It has been concerned that the movie trailer is uploaded in Terry Jones youtube account. It has been seen US govt. felt entangled about this film situation and been seen talking against this trailer (Jewish leaders or Massads don’t want to see this behavior of US govt. They want to see them aggressive against Muslims and they will be happier if US attacks Muslim countries by the cost of the fuels of US military in the sake of calling them terrorists again. The Muslim reaction of the film may show the them as terrorists infront of the media. This is the only goal of making that film. Why does Jewish want to see the destroy of Islam? This story is more interesting and it is described in the Holy Quran. You can also search for it in authentic source online where you will get your answers if you need).

There are some points in a nutshell:
- Jews believe ONLY on the messenger of God - Moses (PBUH) and follow the book Towraat (Torah)
- Christian believes ONLY on the messenger of God – Jesus (PBUH) and follow the book Injeel (Gospel)
- But Muslims believe on all the messengers of God starting from Adam (PBUH) including Moses (PBUH); Jesus (PBUH) and the final messenger of God – Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims also believe in Towraat (Torah) and Injeel (Gospel). But the clear concept is NO messenger will come after Muhammad (PBUH). The Holy Quran was revealed to Muhammad (PBUH). It took a period of twenty three years for the Prophet to receive the complete Message from Allah the Almighty God. It is ordered by Allah to follow the Holy Quran for all mankind after it has been revealed and after the death of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This Holy Quran is totally preserved by Sahabas and Muslim Scholars day by day, there are no single spots or editing done, and it is just like the same as like it was 1400 years ago. The Holy Quran says about everything, about all the prophets we have misconception of. It is the complete code of life. You have to read the full Quran keeping a neutral sentiment inside you to avoid all the misconception you are growing up with from birth. Being born in non-Muslim family is not your fault, but dying as non-Muslim will be more or less your fault (Though the power of Hedaya is only to Almighty Allah).

Finally, the only purpose of mine is to show what did our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised us how to react or how to keep our patience when anyone mockers or insult him and Almighty Allah. Our impatient reaction may misguide the non-Muslims and this reaction may become a barrier for them to learn the Islamic teachings. Let them learn Islam what it actually says and teaches us. We most of the Muslims also do not know our religion clearly. Read the Holy Quran and Hadith more and more. Peace is hiding there. Reveal it. May Allah bless us all and give Hedaya- Ameen.

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