Borderlands 2 Season Pass Free Giveaway on Xbox 360 - PS3


Uploaded on September 16, 2012 by Polikjika

In this Video will show you how to get Borderlands 2 Season Pass for Free on Xbox 360 or PS3..? Ok, do you want to get Borderlands 2 Season Pass code to get free access all features on it. If you dont have Borderlands 2 Season Pass code yet, please visit following web site and get one for free!!

Once you got your unlocking Borderlands 2 Season Pass code, Xbox live market place or PlayStation Store and Redeem it. Next you will able to get full access to the Borderlands 2 Season Pass features on your games. Any more questions please pm me. Thanks

This Borderlands 2 Season Pass gives its owner access to all four DLC add-on packs that will be coming out after the game is released! This includes access to the NEW, never before seen character they will be introducing!!! She is only available via the DLC package

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