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Family Floors is based upon good old honest handshake tradition. Straight forward open and honest pricing is the core value behind family floors. It seems that now days retailers believe that consumers are gullible enough to believe they are really getting 60% off or buy one get one free. So does that mean the retailer is making an additional 60% on you when you don’t buy on a special? Who do you think pays for all that advertising? You do. Even the big box stores play this game. Did you know they hire sub-contractors to do the installation for them? That means the store, the salesman; the sub-contractor and their employee are all getting paid from your purchase. As they say, the deal that sounds too good to be true usually is. At family floors our pricing is clearly marked with no hidden extras. When you receive an estimate from Family Floors each item you’re purchasing is clearly line itemed for you. Please come in and talk with one of our Family Members today :)

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