Abstract Painting Techniques No 1


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Abstract Painting Techniques

This video is part of a series of videos portraying my collection of abstract art paintings including acrylic paintings.

Oil paintings constitute the majority of my artwork although some are created utilizing pencil and acrylic medium, starting with my initial acrylic paintings from my high school art classes.

I love painting areas where I have traveled. A few of the places in my abstract art paintings are of North America, Europe (Venice, Paris and Florence), Thailand and several cities in Australia. I work from my own images of the places I have visited.

I similarly work from a variety of photos ranging from pets, animals, vacation images, flowers or a favorite object such as a peacock feather.

My abstract painting techniques are achieved with a painterly strategy. I employ coarse bristles and pallet knives to get a block-like stroke. I like using a vibrant color pallet to generate an energetic atmosphere in my paintings.

The style is able to be painted in photo-realism, expressionist, abstract or my personal style.

Follow the growth of my abstract painting techniques and their transformation into an unique personal style demonstrated in my paintings at: http://www.youtube.com/user/abstractartpaintings

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