IV Infiltration Vs. Extravasation – IV Infiltration Attorney


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www.ivinjurylaw.com - IV infiltration is a common ailment. It occurs when the IV fluid leaks out of the vein or vessel and makes its way into the body. Often, this results in swelling due to increased fluid volume within the tissue. IV extravasation is a more severe form of IV infiltration which can cause more severe injury. Extravasation describes a condition in which the pH balance of the IV fluid is different than that of the body, resulting in chemical burns on affected tissue. Such injuries are easily preventable through standard medical procedures, and if injury does occur, it very likely is an indication that a medical professional has failed to provide care of a reasonable standard. If you or someone you love has suffered permanent injury as a result of IV infiltration or extravasation, contact medical malpractice attorney John Gehlhausen. For more information, visit www.ivinjurylaw.com.

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