3 Key Elements Of Web 2.0

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Uploaded on November 15, 2007 by Relativity2

The three key elements of Web 2.0 are the re-invention of the Web, its social and collaborative nature, and the read and write characteristics of Web 2.0

Re-invention of the Web

Using the web as a platform, Web 2.0 re-visualizes the internet from the perspectives of the developer, the supplier and the user, giving each of them innovative ways to use the internet. Web 2.0 takes the huge spectrum of interconnected devices of the web and provides a comprehensible and accessible programming model for the developer, a flexible and rapid deployment apparatus for the supplier and a powerful, all-absorbing experience for the user.

Continuously increasing bandwidth means the richness of content that can be sent over the internet is continuously increasing. Starting with images and music and moving to video and voice, Web 2.0 has dramatically changed the old internet of text and one way communication.

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