World of Tanks Gold Generator(Legit with Proof)


Uploaded on October 06, 2012 by Wertyl11

Hey guys.

I am working for the development team for
We have developed a fully functional gold generator.
Simply choose your server, your prefered amount of gold and/or if you want premium status.
When you're done. Just press Apply and enter your username, EXACTLY as it is. Not writing this correctly will end up in errrors.

Can't find your server in the program? If you play on SEA, pick SG. If you're american and play on american servers, pick EU, as it will automaticly get the correct server via your username. Caution, this is only working between US and EU servers.

Download link:

If there is anything you need help with. Message me on youtube and i'll write back to you super quick.


Watch our youtube video also:

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