Web 2.0 Is Vital To Internet Marketers


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Contrary to popular belief, Web 2.0 does not signify a replacement to its 1.0 predecessor. The term Web 2.0 implies the web has changed but not in its entirety. With an immense number of web pages and millions of website owners, the web will more than likely always be a merging of the new and old.

Web 2.0 brings a new definition to the term web usability and the innovative technologies that drive it. Web 2.0 is more of a concept rather than a version and is more closely defined by dynamic web pages that encourage user interaction.

Unlike its Web 1.0 forerunner, where the primary option available to users was reading static web pages, Web 2.0 has been compared to readers helping write a book instead of being restricted to only reading it.

Web 2.0 is characterized by blogs, wikis (brought about by the success of Wikipedia), social networking sites such as MySpace, and RSS feeds, where organizations offer a variety of delivery and targeted news options. These seemingly innocuous technologies are expected to sway the enterprise for completely unexpectedly reasons.

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