How To Download Videos Using Google Chrome


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This is a quick video tutorial that will teach you how to download videos using Google Chrome Browser Fast and FRee!!! Go to any video hosting site, I chose the one that everybody knows -- YouTube. Look for the Video Clip that you want to download. I picked a random video. Click the play button on it. hosting servers are really fast, you should see that tiny box appear almost instantly somewhere around your chosen video before it plays. Click the "download video from this page" button, this shows when you are using Google Chrome -- "Download This Video" if you're using Mozilla Firefox. (I have not tried it to I.E. Yet) Same as the video tutorial on How to Download Videos From Facebook, one more box will appear showing you three options "Download Later, Start Download and the Cancel button". Of course click on the "Start Download Button"

The details of the download status will be shown afterwards; like the progress bar, the speeds and the packets it use to download the software, just wait for it to finish the downloading process. The time it will take for it to finish downloading the file is base on your bandwidth, bandwidth of the video hosting site (in this case, and the size of the video as a file.

As you can see on this video, it downloads the Video Clip from YouTube really quick! That is because the video file size is jus 500+ Kilobytes and the speed of my internet bandwidth is 2 megabytes per second and the YouTube video hosting server has fast bandwidth too! And you can even make it faster by closing your browser! So that the loading video will stop using bandwidth and you will be able to use your bandwidth solely for downloading your YouTube video clip.

For that little download box to pop up you must install this Plugin to your PC or Laptop ( ), this is a download accelerator too that integrates with your Internet Explorer , Firefox, or Google Chrome browsers, you can use this as well to download files online FAST and Free!!!.

That's how quick and easy to download videos from any Video Sites using Google chrome and also you can use this software/plug-in to download videos from any websi

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