Roland SP-808 DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

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This is an excerpt from a full length DVD available at www.ProAudioDVDs****. Host David Wills has toured w...
This is an excerpt from a full length DVD available at www.ProAudioDVDs****. Host David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way. Here's a complete listing of the subjects that are covered... 0:01:05 INTRODUCTION 0:01:55 Overview of front panel 0:05:05 Accessing the edit screens 0:07:30 Rear panel 0:08:45 OP-1 Upgrade 0:09:15 PLAYING SAMPLE AND TRACKS 0:09:30 Using the Sample Pallette 0:11:20 Selecting Pad Banks 0:13:45 Playing a demo song 0:15:10 Mic/Line/Pad fader 0:15:40 SAMPLING 0:17:25 Setting the sample threshold 0:18:00 Pre-trigger 0:19:30 Auto-Divide 0:21:15 SAMPLE EDITING 0:21:35 Setting Trim Points manually 0:22:50 Setting Trim points by using the tempo of a loop 0:26:05 TIME STRETCHING 0:28:20 Changing the pitch of a sample 0:28:55 Deleting samples 0:29:20 Create Reversal 0:29:55 Quick-Edit buttons 0:30:15 Mute Groups 0:30:55 EFFECTS 0:31:25 Selecting effects 0:31:55 Patch location 0:34:35 Send/return vs. Insert 0:37:10 Modifying effects 0:38:45 Saving effects 0:42:15 Step Modulator 0:46:00 RESAMPLING 0:46:35 ...from a pad to a pad 0:48:50 ...from a track(s) to a pad 0:51:55 Bank protection 0:52:05 Using the Clip-board 0:52:45 D-BEAM 0:53:25 Pad-triggering 0:56:20 Pitch 0:58:15 "Using the D-Beam to play the "virtual synth" 1:02:25 TRACK RECORDING AND EDITING 1:03:05 Creating a new song 1:05:50 "Creating a ""guide track""" 1:07:00 AUDIO RECORDING 1:09:15 Selecting Mic/Line OR Pad fader 1:09:55 Setting levels 1:10:45 Punching in and out 1:15:25 EVENT RECORDING 1:16:00 Real-Time 1:16:20 Quantizing 1:17:55 Turning on the Metronome 1:18:05 Step-Time 1:27:10 TRACK EDITING 1:27:40 Selecting tracks for editing 1:29:10 Selecting the region for editing 1:30:00 Erasing a track 1:31:30 Pasting/Inserting tracks 1:31:55 Marking tracks for editing 1:37:10 Bouncing tracks 1:46:35 SAVING PROCEDURES 1:50:15 USING ZIP DISKS 1:50:50 Formatting Zip drives 1:52:20 Backup (Copy Disk) 1:53:25 Loading external samples/songs 1:53:35 "FAQ..."How do I remove unused data on my Zip Disk?" 1:54:15 USING EXTERNAL DEVICES 1:54:40 Using the SP-808 as a digital mixer 1:55:50 Syncing to other devices 2:01:30 "FAQ...""How do I automate the mixer?" 2:04:40 Playing samples through MIDI 2:05:45 Changing Pad Banks through MIDI