Classic Game Room - FLAPPY SPECIAL Review for Nintendo Game Boy [HD]


Uploaded on November 09, 2012 by Classic Game Room

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Flappy Special review.
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Classic Game Room reviews FLAPPY SPECIAL for the Nintendo Game Boy from 1990! This Japanese exclusive is a super fun puzzle game where you play as a mole-like creature pushing boulders around mazes! Nintendo Gameboy fans should dig this clever puzzle game with lots of levels and a password feature. Flappy was originally released in the mid to late 1980's on Japanese home computers and the NES (Famicom) but never received a Western release. Fortunately the game is relatively easy to collect and works on Western Gameboys and the Super Game Boy for SNES. CGR Flappy Special video review has Flappy Special Game Boy gameplay recorded from the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP and Super Gameboy.

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