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Uploaded on November 28, 2007 by Living Dead Girlz

Produced by Living Dead Girlz and Holy Zoo

A Dead Sexy Dance Troupe


BRAINS is a parody of Kelly's SHOES video!

Thank you Liam for being such an inspiration and filling our hearts with warm bloody glee!


Amber Steele
Jessica Katzman
Shannon Lark

Frankenbrother: Jeremy Parsons
Evil Scientist Mom: Amy McDonald
Evil Scientist Dad: Jeff Ensslen
Britney Spears: Alison Jones
Tattoo artist: Stephanie Eastman
Victim #1: Spencer Lafrenz
Victim #2: Charlie Darling
Victim #3: Kal Kal
Man with Bloody Head Wound: Rob Lennon

Living Dead Girlz:
Samar Soriano
Shamika Baker
Julie Rowlett
Shannon Lark
Amber Steele
Jessica Katzman

Gravedigger: Joseph Hren
Doctor: Jamie Zawinski
Victim at pool: Charlie Darling
Victim at pool: MelanieBlau
Victim at pool: Spencer Lafrenz
Victim at pool: Joseph Hren
Victim at Pool: Rob Lennon
Mustache Dude in Bunnysuit: Conor Fahey
Dude in Purple Bodysuit: Rick Abruzzo Werewolf: Nathan Parker


Director: Shannon Lark
Director of Photography: Steev Dinkins
Writers: Jessica Katzman, Amber Steele, Shannon Lark
Executive Producers: Shannon Lark and Amber Steele
Set Designer: Brandye Johnson
Costumer: Michelle Fatale

Special FX/Makeup/Prosthetics: Lena Toney
Special FX/Makeup: Scott Bryan
BRAINS Prosthetics: Devon Ryan
Special FX/Makeup Assistant: Emily Parks

Casting Director: Amy McDonald
Slate/ Continuity: Sarah Marloff
Gaffer: John F. Ashton-Keller
PA/Catering: Sean Smithson


All of these locations were provided by people who love and support the LDG, in or around San Francisco.

DNA Lounge
Body Manipulations
MelanieBlau's lovely home
Amber and Steev's!

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