Police Torture Citizen After Horriffic Crash, Extremely Graphic

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Uploaded on November 26, 2007 by Machinegun

The assualt and torture committed by police on this citizen after a horrific truck crash is unimanigable. They beat him, choke him, ram his face into the door, then smash him belly and face first into the pavement. They have the notion to do an interview on this, and admit that they did nothing wrong. I want you to look at this video carefully, they are beating and torturing this man after a devestating accident. This is more terrorism committed upon citizens by police. Did you ever hear once in this video that he was under arrest before they put a hand on him no. Police dont follow any laws anymore, they just beat and kill people. Terrorism committed by the badge, is this what you want for the future of America.
Write to the following link, it is the whitehouse, and let the President and Vice President know that you will not tolerate this kind of Terrorism and that it must be stopped. Local police need to be disbandoned, they cause more pain and suffering than their worth. Did you ever wonder why these people get away with this brutality, it is because know one challenges them in court. This is the Gay Gestapo and Terrorism afoot within America's borders, demand the Whitehouse stop this from hurting others.

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